3 Most Popular Personalised Gifts for Cleints


There is a wealth of promotional products available in the marketplace which can be branded, ready for distribution to your clients. We have outlined below those which we deem most popular and most effective.


Office utilities

The most popular of these is the branded pen. They’re cheap to buy as a giveaway, and its something that is continually used until it runs out. Although, it is likely to end up being passed on from person to person, or pinched from your desk, it will continue to communicate your brand wherever it ends up.

The printed folder or notebook. This is a key item as it remains with the user for the duration if its life, packed with notes and scribbles. In fact, it is often retained for reference. All this time, your brand is emblazoned on the cover. If the user is a frequent meeting attender, then it is exposed to other staff, visitors and clients alike.



People love gadgets. Many people now use earphones at the desk, maybe a Bluetooth speaker for conference calls or a power bank on standby. Although these items are a little more expensive, they have a much longer life, displaying your brand for years to come.



Similar to the electronic items, the cup and mugs potentially have as long a life. The branded coffee mug will be used multiple times through the day, being dragged from meeting to meeting like a little friend. All this time your brand is viewed by many. The portable cups and bottles are exposed to an even broader audience. Your travel mug is in the car or at the kid’s football game on a regular basis. Likewise, your sports bottle is with you on outings to the gym or yoga classes twice a week. Not only are these products very functional, they are taken to many events offering excellent brand exposure.


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